La Freese is live music warrior. This woman is always dancing in her club. La Freese’s venue holding its own in fierce competition in the world of entertainment in SL with bravery and audacity. She has the capability to have patience and tolerate any noob without losing her cool.

La Freese: “I am inspired by all the wonderful creative people do in sl. I mentor singers, djs and others to do what they wish to do in SL. I also enjoy helping all newbies, because if you enter to SL knowing you are appreciated, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with. But overall music is my passion. I darling all types of music as music is talks to the heart or it parleys to my heart, with stories of my life good and bad and future wishes. It lifts the mood and spirit. I am known for full theme decorated shows that not only try to put you in the mood for the music but adds to the visual senses”