Blessed with a strong Tenor voice ZavitarPerian1 performs not only in Second Life but in Real Life as well. He came to the USA from Italy a few years ago and has been singing to local audiences since he was a child.

His voice is airy and silky smooth and his sets are eclectic and fun and his goal is to deliver a strong and professional performance. You wont want to miss this fantastic singer with the powerhouse voice, who is taking SL by storm and getting Bravos when he performs.

His music is a mix of songs by Josh Groban, Luthor Vandross, Queen, Brian Adams, Elton John, R.Kelly, Peter Frampton, Santana and many others. Check out his youtube links below to get a sampling of his music, however he sounds much better Live. .

He plays at several venues in secondlife and has a few days and times available still. from 5-7pm and various times at weekends. Please feel free to contact zavitar perian1 for booking information.

Zavitar has his own stream which will be given at time or performance