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CowGrl Crystal Poster Pointe Fusion cropped-pointef-signage01-2013_edited1.jpg premium_001 DJ Sagia Swings with her Guitar, Belly Dancer, Dolly & Marilyn devin  @ pointe fusion 15685_d338 aragain 1124_003 Prowler PF Chief Blasdale REDHAWK DEBUTS AT POINTE FUSION 1271483_389869367844144_1790483728704009858_o(1) THE TAIL FEATHER DANCERS SHAKE IT FOR REDHAWK Snapshot_003 Snapshot_003 1500x500 Snapshot_002

wedding  of Valeria  and Chase

Snapshot_002 wedding of Valeria and Chase

Fun with REDHAWK  and Esabelle  redls  show 12 29 la  cat week_006 la  cat week_005 la  cat week_004 la  cat week_001 cat week  janassa_002 cat week  janassa_003 pOINTE FUSION Snapshot _ PRIM Entertainment Center Mall - Pointe Fusion, Prim victor 1112 janessaSnapshot_001  ARAGAIN CHRISTMAS - Copy deovolin zav_002 vitorsur_001 Snapshot_003 cowgirl  and la  don;t  want a  cold   take  a shot od_001CowGrl Crystal Poster cowgirl  and la  don;t  want a  cold   take  a shot od_002 pointefusion2  Snapshot_003 always refreshing  LA   BY DELODE pointe1 saxo voodoodjdeere La at dj deeres blues  by david ruben  djcowgirl COFFEE cindyPREMIUM avatar1REDHAWKCOBA   rebecca max demar Morgan zavitar djcream SUB LYRIC Nonah DJARAGAIN bea boris Nino vitor Thegostmelody  ciske_sl11 DEERE pharrell-williams-happy-single-coveraintmrbehaving Snapshot_0011 cropped-pointe-prim-statue_007.jpg la rez_004

NEW 2014   VENUE


jp  show_003

Lucky  and her  back up dancers

Lucky and her back up dancers

la tricky june_002 boris logo invite-1

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