Pointe Fusion Elite, an important Live Music venue in SL, celebrates its 6th Anniversary the Last week February from Sunday to Saturday 28th, 2015. This wonderful Live Music place led by La Freese is a club that has soul. This little spot has a warm atmosphere and it is famous throughout Second Life for its vibrant music scene. Staff members are kind and they ensure the excellent and individualized attention their fellows need at all stages of their treatment.

Whether you just listen or dance with your avatar, you’ll find instrumental music, singers, big groups, soloists, pop, rock, classical, folk, jazz and all sorts of great music and musician and over all evenings that go till dawn.

Our best wishes to miss La Freese and all her staff in this important day. We really appreciate the hard work supporting Live Music in Second Life and the unselfish help she has given to   so many   others in Second Life.